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bonjour, je viens de m'inscrire, j'ai 45 ans, je suis anglaise mais vis depuis 22 ans en France dans la région de Rouen.J'aimerais trouver une anglophone pour être binômes. J'ai une dizaine de kg en trop, on mange trop bien en France! A bientôt


Ancien abonné

Hello , my name's Laurence . I'm 43 and I live now in Savoie , Albertville but since last july I lived in Cherbourg . I miss my Normandy .

I've got 4 boys ( 17 , 14 and 8  and my husband wink ) . I'm teacher for pupils from 8 to 12 ( it depends and change each year ) .

If you read my description ( click my name and you will see my page ) , you'll see that I did every diet I could find ( one new per year ) . Last year , I read the zermatti's and apfeldorfer 's book and decided that I was fed up with diets , weight and appeareance .

Also , I stop looking at my food like devil ( I don't know if you understand my english ) .

Dans le même temps , je me suis occupée du déménagement ( cartons au départ et à l'arrivée ) car mon mari était déjà parti . Il a fallu gérer physiquement et mentalement tous ces changements . Bref , j'ai encore pris plus de 10 kg et j'étais déjà en surpoids .

I wrote in french 'cause I forgot the words " déménagement " " surpoids " .

I subscribed to this programm 2 months ago and did all my exercices with a kind of septicism but I continue . It's impossible for me to "breathe with conscience" . I'm too excited and it get on my nerves to lose this time breathing and doing nothing .

But I begin to understand my way of thinking and eating .

For now , I need someone to speak with me from time to time and it's even better in english . I can improve myself and learn new expressions and words .

Best regards


hello Laurence and thanks for your message in English! I will send you a private message and tell you abit more about myself.

à bientôt